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December is upon us and that means catering to guests in our homes and offices. Your Farm Gate was built on customized catering experiences with over 13 years of experience. This year with the shop we are expanding our catering to simple platers and meals that can be dropped off or picked up at your convenience. Something as simple as Brisket on a bun to Roasted Chicken and all the sauce and sides we have options available to make your entertaining these holidays easier. 

Sample menus are created for you to choose from based on the information you provide for us. 

Email to inquire the many ways we can help you. 

*We are no longer catering full service weddings or late night services* 

*We only provide the meal service for events

Private Caterting customized to the season and location.

Your Farm Gate is a custom caterer. For ever location comes different requirements and service styles. We take where you are, when the event takes place, the style, likes and dislikes, to ensure a great meal.

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