Taking the butcher shop to the next level with traditionally made prepared foods. No short cuts and all made in house from scratch.

When the world of butcher shops is really only about the main cuts there are still a lot of cuts to be used. Our prepared foods are all made in house and will vary upon the season. Our long awaited kitchen install is on its way and we cannot wait to expand our offerings for you. Neither Can our farmers. Availability and menus vary. 

1L Soups $9/3 for $25
Roasted Pepper and Tomato
Potato Leek
Butternut Squash
Sausage and White Bean

Fresh Pasta
Meat Lasagna $18 (2-4)
Cheese Lasagna $15 (2-4)
Cheese Cannelloni $15 (1-2)
Spanish Canelones $17 (1-2)
Bacon Cheddar Mac N Cheese $14 (Dried Macaroni)

1L Sauces
Sausage and Pepper Sauce
White Wine Cream Sauce
Braised Beef Sugo

Meatballs $14 (12ea)
Cooked Brisket
Chipolte Lime Wings 
…and more

Your can contact shawn@yourfarmgate.ca for more information.

Food Selections

Call to learn more about our current selection.