July 10-16th

  • Niagara’s Best Meats

Opening February 7th, 2019, Our butcher shop is the pride and joy of Your Farm Gate. A chef operated butcher shop, our nose to tail approach was the most important part to giving you access to the best of our local farmers. We focus on ethical and sustainable farmers with the highest standards. We chose them for their dedication to quality of life, feed and of course, flavour. We know to cook with the best meat that every step of the way has to be done right and working directly with our farmers allows for complete accountability and connection to each other instead of working along side brokers and other middle men. 

Whole animal suppliers:

Fenwood Farms (Chicken)
Penokean Hills Farms (Beef)
Linton Pastured Pork (Pork)
Dolan Foods (PEI Beef)

Highlights from the Block July 13-16

The weather may not be on our side for this week but we have some exciting things going on at the shop regardless. We have our first side of Bison coming in Friday for a hopeful entry into our case for Saturday. 
Whether you are planning on grilling outside or cooking inside we will have options in the case for you. 

Sausage: Salt and Pepper, Maple Bacon, Jalapeno Cheddar, Italian, Hot Italian 

Ideas from Chef Shawn Murphy

  1. Our grassfed burgers are always a hit but we will be excited this week to offer a bison burger for the first time. 
  2. Award winning steaks are always a crowd pleaser and that will include Tomahawks and Porterhouses again this week. 
  3.  Spatchcock chickens are incredibly under rated. Marinated and cooked perfectly this is an incredibly affordable way to feed a large group of people. 

Need Help? Just email shawn@yourfarmgate.ca

Past Selections of Food

Message us for any special requests