Your Farm Gate Butcher Shop + Bakery provides your family and guests with the best meat our Canadian farmers can supply.

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Niagara’s Best Meats

Opening February 7th, 2019, Our butcher shop is the pride and joy of Your Farm Gate. A chef operated butcher shop, our nose to tail approach was the most important part to giving you access to the best of our local farmers. We focus on ethical and sustainable farmers with the highest standards. We want our farmers to focus on the quality and flavour of the meat above cost. We know to cook with the best meat that every step of the way has to be done right. Our farmers do that and control most of the supply themselves including the one bad day in the animals life. This is a kind of quality, accountability and access for us is hard to find with large companies and feed lots. Now after 6 years, our suppliers have become friends.

Whole animal suppliers:

Fenwood Farms (Chicken)
Penokean Hills Farms (Beef)
Linton Pastured Pork (Pork)
Beverly Creek (Lamb)
Dolan Foods (PEI Beef)

Highlights from the Block June 8th – 12th

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we are growing our inventory of great steaks for dad. Penokean Hills Farm has done an amazing job setting us up with prime grade beef. Penokean’s specialty cuts are found in the case starting Fridays until sold out. Make sure to reserve your cuts.

Beverly Creek will be once again bring their amazing lamb. We are happy with the response from our customers and being able to rework this relationship that was affected so heavily by Covid. You won’t be the first person to say it is the best lamb you have ever had. 

Sausages will be more limited this week after moving a large quantity. We will be adding more marinated chops and porchettas as we catch up using the rest of the amazing whole pigs from Linton Pastured Pork. 

Ideas from Chef Shawn Murphy
It is the time of year that we entertain more and more. The weather has been great so far to start June and this means the grills should be going strong. If you are tired burgers and hotdogs to feed large groups of people look at Outside Skirt Steak and Bavette. Outside skirts are amazing for setting up a taco bar and Bavette can be treated like sliced steaks for a hearty meal. Both cuts are priced for great value and pack a punch of flavour. Also, look at our marinated chicken. We are bringing new flavours that are perfect for the grill. 

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