The bakery joined the Your Farm Gate family this spring. We are bringing back the bakery focused on breads, butter and lard. No fillers, no short cuts. Just like the meat counter this is our newest addition with a long way to go.

Shop front Photo

Our butcher shop is our pride and joy that came out of the needs of a community and the needs of a chef. We became known at the farmers’ markets for our sandwiches off our woodfired BBQ. It was not the meat that took center stage, as good as it was, it was the bun. So in another move to control the food we serve our guests we are adding more baking that we want to see. We are using pork lard/suet in some of our crusts and of course the best Canadian butter we can get our hands on. The ingredients are incredibly important to us and as we build this program and add more equipment we are excited to bring the traditional ways back. 

Buns are available daily (Wed-Sunday)
Bakery items available (Friday-Sunday)

Meat Pies, Scones, Pies, Quiche, Buns, Focaccia, Buttertarts and more…

Past Selections of Food

Call to learn more about our current selection.