Entering December we are adding more meat pies to our line up. Pre-orders are always recommended.

Meat Pies

The focus on all of our baking is the use of traditional methods and ingredients. We do not cook with seed oils and still with animal fats and butter for crust and cooking. 

Pies are constantly in rotation as we look to have fun with different flavours and techniques that fit the time of year, current weather and what is around us. We have a true love of a proper meat pie and with using the best ingredients possible it makes for a phenomenal treat of indulgence. 

Steak and Ale
Steak and Mushroom
Beef Shank Bourguignion (special)

Chicken and Leek 
Confit Chicken and Tarragon
Butter Chicken 

Pork Pie 


Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls are Staples


Pre-orders to shawn@yourfarmgate.ca with Title “Bakery Order”

Food Selections

Call to learn more about our current selection.