As part of Fort Erie you find Your Farm Gate nestled on the outskirts of the heritage downtown of Ridgeway and 3 minutes from the shores of Lake Erie and Crystal Beach.

Your Farm Gate a chef run and operated business founded in 2016. We are a butcher shop, bakery and catering business. The #1 focus was to have the best ingredients to cook with. We later realized that if we wanted to get better ingredients we needed to go direct to the sources and added a butcher shop in 2019. Where others talk of “quality” we live it. Our whole animal approach means we are working with the best farmers Ontario has to offer for everything we make. Their expertise and care to raising the animals in the most sustainable and ethical ways are the main reasons for the final result we saw on the plate. We know you will enjoy this direct connection with our local farmers. 

From the Source to Your Table

Direct and whole animal is the best way to support local agriculture. We work with vertically integrated partners that control the whole process from start to finish. It is incredibly important to us that the animals are treated properly. If any link in the chain is broken you do not get the quality we demand. Our farmers never disappoint to give us what we need to deliver a great meal for your table.

Penokean Hills Farms
Penokean Hills Farms a pinnacle of vertically integrated Ontario
beef production is located in Bruce Mines, Ontario (Algoma). From Start to finish this co-op styled organization even farms their own grains and are building a bigger abattoir crucial for local food production. There is no corn in the feed of Penokean Hills Farms Angus Cattle. Their award winning diet is combination of time on rotating pastures, Field pea and Silage. Deep Flavours and great marbling this is some of the best beef we have ever tasted. All beef is raised without hormones or added antibiotics. 

Atlantic Beef
There is beauty in the East coast and that includes their beef industry. A co-op comprising of east coast farmers from PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. With help of the government after losing a major processor they formed the co-op with help form the Federal Government in 2004 the local supply chain was saved. Sourced from this collection of family farms brings us amazing beef for our case. Another vertically integrated beef producer, we use Atlantic for our box beef program. From start to finish Atlantic takes the pride in raising great animals and works with the Human Ceritified Organization for their abattoir and farm management. Not corn fed, no hormones or antibiotic.

Linton Pastured Pork

Pork from Your Farm Gate is supplied by Jeff Linton of Linton Pasture pork in Walton, Ontario. Jeff is all about humane and sustainable production, raising his heritage pigs on pasture where they live from the Early Spring to Late Fall. What we love most is the deep flavour and texture of his amazing pork. It is not the dry mealy pork you have come to know from the grocery store, this is what pork used to taste like before we tried to speed things up and look for cheap proteins. 

Fenwood Farms

Located in Ancaster, Ontario Fenwood farms owns the entire process from barns to abattoir. The family has been in the poultry business for over 30 years with a focus on the quality being one of the first organically certified producers and non-gmo fed chicken. Unlike most processing facilities they air chill there chicken instead of water bath meaning you are paying for the actual chicken, not water.  This results you getting the best texture and flavour our catering clients have noticed the shocking difference as well as butcher shop customers. Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones are added to feed or water. Chickens are  fed vitamins, minerals, probiotics and grains. The are not fed animal by-products or bakery waste. 


Why Shop Farm Gate?

At Your Farm Gate it is our relationships with our farmers that makes our business unlike any other in the region. Our direct model means your involvement truly supports our local communities and helps rebuild our local food chains. A fair price for the farmer, our workers and for you. No matter the occasion or question, we can help you make sure a memorable meal is in the future.