Your Access to Ethical & Sustainably Farmed Food

From the Source to Your Table

Direct and whole animal butchery is the best way to support local agriculture and create amazing meals. Our farmers have become friends and this makes our time in the kitchen cooking for you that much easier.   For almost 3 years we have been shocking people with the flavour and quality of our meats and it is a joy sharing their hard work and knowledge with you. 

Why Shop Farm Gate?

At Your Farm Gate it is our relationships with our farmers that makes our business unlike any other in the region. Your Farm Gate is a family, we are a little out there, doing our own thing but you will have a lot of fun.

Our direct model means your involvement truly supports our local communities and helps rebuild our local food chains. A fair price for the farmer, our workers and for you. 

We take a lot of pride cooking the way food was meant to be. Pastries have real butter and lard, we take the time to make stocks and fresh pasta for lasagna. Food at Your Farm Gate should remind you of the love your grandparents put in a meal. 

Our food and ingredients may just bring back memories of how food used to taste. 

Experience Wholesome Meals Today.