Leader for Ethical Whole Animal Butchery

 WELCOME TO YOUR FARM GATE, located in Ridgeway, we are a chef run butcher shop that works with best local farmers available. As of November 29th we will be altering our business model and doing what we do best. Cooking! Our new hours will come with a whole new way to look at take out, prepared meals and using the whole animal. Our online ordering will be coming soon. Check the take out page for the upcoming menu.  For any inquiries you can contact shawn@yourfarmgate.ca or text 905-347-0502. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Why Shop Farm Gate?

“You are what you eat!” Just like us, our animals need the best to perform. Our focus on finding the best animals is our chef driven mission to use the whole animal through the case, sandwiches, catering and prepared foods. For those looking for the best meats we have found through ethical and sustainable sources you can contact

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